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Backbone of Wedding Photography Is Light (Flash)

Posted on Dec 22, 2015

A good number people’s assume that good wedding photography is due to camera, but some time what you want to get you can’t certain time. Light is most essential factors in photography, an amount of require light is need to capture beautiful photos but Often not present, due to wrong climate or place, that’s way flash in camera play a vital role to guarantee superb shoot of photographs.

Flash use in Indoors Photography

A professional should know the basic lighting plan and capable to take photograph. In badly environments High-end DSLRS may be comfort to capture photographs but if light is too bad, you will get blurry photos due to motion shaking of camera, if you increase ISO level high it may cause noise, mix up colors. To fix this error we use flash with camera to make photographs appear remarkable and balanced.

In churches, wedding ballrooms and reception areas dim light as ideal light. To reduce this problem professional photographer’s make an artificial source of light that is brighter. Mount flash on your DSLR and bounce light off white wall, if wall is different colors professional recommend bounce flash at all. Keep it in mind that where light is bounce it will create that color skin on your target, blue wall create blue layer and skin on your subject or target. To reduce uneven shadow being behind your subject, photographer avoid to focusing straightly at them. They try using bounce card to soften to flash falling on subject. To reflect the light flash can be bounced off the ceiling, walls,wedding grown, and any present things that good reflect the light.

Flash use in Outdoors Photography

In outdoor photography you need to adjust and balance the strobe light and available light. So at that time you will be working at least two exposures: flash and camera exposure. The light coming from sun you cannot control but you manage and adjust it.


A nice saying Wherever there is light, one can photograph”. Flash help photographer to use different dimension in photography, flash is necessary in photography to get quality or elegant results especially indoor photography.

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