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Economical Ways That Amaze Your Wedding Guests

Posted on Oct 26, 2016

Want to fun which turn your wedding outstanding, here are some inexpensive ways to impress your wedding guests. 

Wedding Photography

Your guest always looking for a memory and one wedding photography either with the bridal or family photo. This is one of the best gift for your guest to keep remind your Pre wedding photo album.


Your guests will possibly be hungry when they reach at the reception, and most of them will not care what they eat as long as they can have some variety of snacks before dinner. So set out some squares, crackers, Cheese and some fruit. Your guests will be very Impress with just that.

Do buffet or side dish table instead of traditional wedding reception food. . To make it even more personalized, perhaps cater your wedding dinner from your favorite local restaurant.

Make a Doughnut Display

The Cake is part of the wedding, Standard wedding cakes doesn't have to be three tiered and white - try another kind of cake and keep it simple Or you can serve desserts that are more in line with their personalities. One of favorable trends is creating a doughnut display on the wall, which is a dessert trend that allows guests to pick and prefer a sugary treat at their leisure.

Include Live Music

Avoid to hire a full-band, hire a DJ that present music for your wedding reception and also hire musicians to accompany. It'll be a good dance floor surprise for your guests and will definitely get the crowd going.

Toss Out the Wedding Traditions

If tossing the bouquet,isn't your style, then leave it. Your guests will like the uniqueness of your big day — and will be looking for the non-traditional surprises throughout the night.

Guest sitting

Let your guest choose to sit when they want, due to this they feel comfort or relax and also enjoy and become more social, rather than if you per-selected their seating arrangements.

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