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Posted on Apr 19, 2016

The Blue mountains are an attractive and natural paradise with  a pretty environment. The Blue Mountains area based on 1.03 million ha of sandstone plateaus, escarpments and gorges dominated by moderate eucalyptus forest.The blue mountains are delightful place for the whole year. It’s cool in winter, refreshing in summer, shining in the autumn and colorful in spring. The Blue Mountains were included in the World Heritage List in 2000 and was one of fifteen World Heritage places.

Went worth Falls nice place in the heart of the Blue Mountains.  Close to all its main attractions, look out, the Went worth Falls lake and being in Went worth Falls is some of the most fabulous walks and views on earth. 

The Hideaway Retreat is a good area for having a ceremony,reception and accommodation in the blue mountains. Situated on 32 acres of perfect virgin bushland in the heart of world heritage listed national park, The Hideaway Retreat is a  a perfect Blue Mountains place for functions or special wedding ceremony.

 It is an ideal place for a variety of outdoor events There are various sites that are popular for wedding event. The Blue mountain now becomes a popular choice for couples to celebrate or start their lovely journeys of life.  This location provides a number of beautiful and attractive venues and different angle for stunning wedding photography.

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