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Wedding Photography Clients Book Without Meeting

Posted on Mar 09, 2016

Wedding Photography business is a wide subject, now a day a good and effective web site are necessary for any type of business, specially wedding photography, by your website, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media platforms, prospective clients learns a lot about you before contact your.

Due to this reason occasionally brides straight ask about prices?

There are some points, to know how without meeting them book these clients.


You probably already have a brief and convincing sales matters, due to seasoned wedding events. You should clear in your mind these matters well translates over the email, phone, SMS or phone. Informs them what you do in interesting ways, and create a link or connection.


When talking on the phone with clients, make sure your conversation continues and relevance if your style is confident and friendly, a wide range of clients will let you direct conversation flow. Inquire about the event, the venue, date, the theme?

Good conversation continues them before getting into the details of price it is good for booking point of view.


Make a good physical portfolio to show clients in meeting, if you have a good business. If you are trying to book a client over email or phone you require a portfolio which you can send or link it in your mail so clients  see your works easily.

To reduce extra effort and time like to arrange photos and print it. It doesn’t mean include a of your works in the portfolio. Just include best and neat works. Cinematographers must include video clips; for a unique display of products and services.


When your conversation with clients on the phone or through email before in-person meeting. To avoid a weeks-long email thread or phone-tag exchange, recommend a deal if you are likely client books quickly.

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