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18th April 2023

Tell us about your love story:

Meant to be. God crossed our paths for a reason. We are just that couple, no – one else understands us but we make perfect sense to one another. People have told us that we are so similar, we are like the same person.

The most magical moment of the day:

Seeing one another and taking one another’s hands at the Altar before God, as we entered into the sacrament of marriage.

How did he propose?

We give thanks to God for our many blessings. On 26 December 2021, he told me we were going to Church to make a donation and ask for guidance for a big year ahead. I agreed, as this was not unusual for us. It was approximately 3PM when we went to Church, the car park was empty but I knew there would be a mass later that afternoon for Mother Mary. As we walked to the Altar, the aisle and the stairs for the Altar were lit up with candles – I thought this was for the Christmas Festivities that took place. At the top of the stairs of the Altar was a box – he motioned fo r me to take a look. I walked up the stairs and noticed it was a box from our jeweller. As I turned back around to face him, I found him on one knee. I was in awe and I was speechless.

Top tip for Brides & Grooms:

Don’t stress! It will be one of the most beautiful days of your life. Remember, the entire reason you are getting married is because you love one another and want God to bless your union – don’t lose sight of this

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