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See our wedding tips below
Wedding tips to get the best smile out of you and your guests.

Soak in the moment. Your big day is finally here, so take the time to breathe and enjoy the occasion


Make sure you get photos with your parents, grandparents and all your loved ones

Step 03 - Smile!

You never know when a photo
is being taken

Stay hydrated throughout the day. We’d hate for you to feel dizzy and lightheaded


Kindly request your officiant or priest to stand on a side, out of frame, during your first kiss


Tell your guests to be mindful of getting in the way of your Wedding Photographer and Videographer


Ensure there is synergy between all your vendors


Sit back, relax and trust your photographer’s creativity


Embrace the unexpected!

Step 10 - Most of all... be yourself and have some fun with your partner and loved ones!
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