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18th April 2023

Tell us about your love story:

We were first really good friends before becoming a couple, so we have always been very close and shared the same humour and love for adventure. We have countless memories and it really is a blessing marrying your best friend.

The most magical moment of the day:

Our favourite moment was our entry into the reception we did not stop twirling and dancing and all our friends and family were dancing and cheering and throwing u s up into the air. It was such a celebratory vibe, everyone was genuinely so happy for us and the room was filled with love, we will never forget it.

How did he propose?

We were on a day trip to the southern highlands, which we often do and stop at little towns to browse the individual stores and markets and have lunch. We had a lovely day out and were heading home, the sun was about to set when George insisted on making a pit stop at one of the lookouts, I happily jumped out to have a look. We were taking in the scenery on the cliff face when George dropped to one knee with a stunning ring and asked me to marry him. I said Yes without any hesitation! As I turned around I s aw there was arranged a little set up on a stone cave bench with hanging tealights and hanging photos of us through the years, as well as a bunch of wildflowers. It was very personal and very us and that makes it all the more special.

Top tip for Brides & Grooms:

Enjoy the day, enjoy the planning, it comes and goes so quickly. Be decisive and go with what makes you happy, your wedding day represents your personality and style as a couple.

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