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18th April 2023

Tell us about your love story:

Our love story began 13 YEARS AGO! Coincidently Jacob’s occupation at the time was Dj’ing and he was hired for my Year 11 formal!! He happened to know my friends boyfriend who introduced us. Things actually didn’t work out first time round, but over the years we became really good friends. Before any flames could spark up life separated us and our paths took a different turn. Exactly 10 years later, Jacob had trac ked me down and asked me out on our official first date that’s how the official story of Jacob and Anna began!

The most magical moment of the day:

Anna: My most magical part(S) of the day would be when we saw each other at the altar, when we said I do, when we entered the hall and when we had our first dance!

How did he propose?

There are 2 parts to this lol

Part 1: Jacob being the clever and charming man that he is, began a tradition in our relationship (from day 1), that every week we dress up and go to dinner for date night, knowing that one day he will propose on this day.

Part 2: Anyone that knows me, knows I love Disney and for my birthday Jacob had gifted me a limited – edition Disney DVD collection. Me being the gullible person I am, believes him when he tells me that there was a special Disney dinner booked at the observatory in Millers Point that came with the limited – edition collection.

We get to the observatory and wow, the sun was setting the scenery was amazing and finally curiosity hit s me. ‘There are no dinner places here? Why did he bring me to a park? where is the Disney food?!’ – in that moment Jacob asks me to close my eyes and begins leading me to another “birthday” surprise. When I pulled my hand away, he was kneeling down on one knee and proposed! I obviously said yes!!

Top tip for Brides & Grooms:

Life & Love Tip: Learn to love yourself before you love another! During the change that Jacob and I went through over the 10 years we had apart we both learnt a lot about ourselves a nd who we wanted to be. It was literally as though God was making us ready for each other. You want to take this step with someone you truly love and with someone who loves you just as much, if not more!

Wedding Tip: BOOK YAZZEN FIRST! …. and then book a wedding planner! I am a control freak and as much as I loved planning my wedding I felt as though it took me away from embracing this time together with my hubby. People always say enjoy planning your wedding because when you’re married it all changes. L et me tell you something, it most definitely changes! Get a Planner!! And lastly, always remember that at the end of the day its about you and your Fiancé. ❤️

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