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18th April 2023

Tell us about your love story:

Josh and I have been together for 9 years, we met when we were in college in 2013. In the time we have been together we have traveled , completed 2 years of our relationship long distant, bought a house together, adopted a beautiful little cavoodle who is 2 years old, got engaged, had the most amazing wedding day and we are now pregnant with our first. Time could not have gone any faste r, It is true what they say: “time flys when you are having fun” especially when that special person makes you the happiest you could ever be.

The most magical moment of the day:

For Elena – The most magical moment of our wedding day would have to be our first dance together. This was a time where everyone and everything vanished and all I could see and think about was Josh. That bond in that particular moment was so special, gazing into his eyes after all the planning and stressing knowing I have chosen him and will spend the rest of my life with him was just so magical.

For Josh – The most magical moment of our wedding day is when I saw Elena walking into the church in her dress for the first time looking so beautiful knowing I was about to marry the gi rl of my dreams, never experienced such a happy emotional moment.

How did he propose?

Josh proposed at Courgette restaurant in Canberra, the dessert came out saying: “Will you marry me?” He asked me the most important question of my life in front of ever yone in the restaurant who all clapped when I answered “yes” after a couple of minutes of trying to process the question. It was so amazing and a day we will both remember forever.

Top tip for Brides & Grooms:

The tips we would give to brides and grooms would be to enjoy every moment of the day because it goes super quick. Absorb those special moments of getting ready, the ceremony, the celebration with one another and the special people you have there. Not everything will go as planned so our advice is to go with the flow and not stress as it will most likely work out in the end and no one will notice. Ensure you take pictures with everyone you’ll be so busy with all the formalities it’s easy to forget. We would relive our wedding day over and over again , it is now one of our favourite memories.

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