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18th April 2023

Tell us about your love story: Nick and Emily met on the dating app Bumble and the rest was history! As we got to know each other, we both found out that Nick’s family knew parts of Emily’s family for over 20 years and if the families were to set us up it wouldn’t have worked, the fact that we met through a dating app and had so many family connections is crazy!

The most magical moment of the day: It is hard to narrow down to one magical moment on the day, the whole day was a fairy tale! I f we had to pick one moment, it was at the reception where Nick and I sat at the bridal table and just looked around the room to our nearest and dearest and just took the whole moment in and we were so proud of how everything came together to make our day perfect!

How did he propose? Nick proposed at blue’s point. Emily was blind folded when she got out of the car and thought she was walking to meet friends for her 30 th birthday but as she took the blind fold off Nick, the romantic he was, was standing th ere with a Marry Me backdrop right by the Harbour Bridge!

Top tips for Brides and Grooms? When you get engaged and start to book things in for your wedding, book the big things in early. The earlier you do it the less stressed you are and don’t always go for the first supplier, do your research, and make sure you are happy. Most importantly, enjoy the process and have fun!

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