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06th March 2023

Tell us about your love story: 

We met after high school, we were friends with a subliminal connection of more than just friends, eventually coming to fruition and now we’re officially married. 

The most magical moment of the day: 

By far the most magical moment of our special day was the first glance at one another in our wedding attire. It was such an anticipated moment that we will visualise for years. We’re very grateful that we finally got to live the long-awaited moment. 

How did he propose? 

Abed and I decided to do things the traditional way that embraced our Arabian culture. We had no proposal, rather we went through the formalities of bringing the grooms elderly and wise over to the brides house, meeting and greeting the brides elderly and wise as a sign of utmost respect and unity between the two households. There’s a famous  Arabian aphorism that says “I’d like to come through the door and not the window” and that we did. 

Top tip for Brides & Grooms: 

– Brides advice:   

Communication is the key. Communicate your feelings whilst maintaining respect for your spouse’s feelings also. 

– Grooms advice: 

more valuable than flowers, materialised goods and wealth is time. Give one another the time they deserve.   

– Couple advice:  

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